BELGIAN AUTUMN | Jan Rosseel | 11 JUN - 24 JUL 2015



 Jan Rosseel

curated by Deanna Richardson


Inauguration, Thursday 11 June 2015, 19.00 h

11 June - 24 July, 2015


ILEX Gallery @ 10b Photography Gallery


ILEX Gallery is proud to present for the first time in Italy, Belgian photographer Jan Rosseel’s Belgian Autumn. A confabulated history. A beautiful visual essay into one of the greatest enigmas in Belgian history, the Brabant killers or the Gang of Nivelles. The gang committed a number of violent armed robberies and other crimes between 1982 and 1985, killing 28 people and wounding 40. One of which was Jan Rosseel’s father. Nothing is known about the gang’s motives. After years of investigations, the case remains unsolved. There were rumors that the gang wanted to destablize Belgian and were protected by high-ranking politicians and officials in the judicial system.

Jan Rosseel is fascinated with the human brain; how does it remember and how does it fill in the gaps in one’s memories with fabrications one believes to be facts. Jan Rosseel (Brussels, 1979) has reconstructed events that took place 30 years ago, based on objective information from police reports, files and newspaper clippings as well as eyewitnesses and personal accounts about the violent crimes of the gang. Through this visual narrative, Rosseel is keeping this episode of recent Belgian history alive.

We would also like to remind that Jan Rosseel, together with the multiple award winning Dutch designer Teun van der Heijden, will be teaching the workshop The Photo Book. Going beyond the form at 10b Photography. Only few places are left. For more information and submissions please write to workshops@10bphotography.com.


Jan Rosseel

Jan Rosseel work is best described as visual storytelling, between narration and documentation. He works as a collector of memories using photography, video and objects. The starting point of his research-based projects are historical events and the notion of memory. Stories that not only reconstruct historical events, but also question the reliability of our memory and our brain. He works as an investigator using methods of scientific research and journalism to build a narrative where fact and fiction coexist. 



BELGIAN AUTUMN. A confabulated history

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